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Strawberry Wax Melts with Burner

Strawberry Wax Melts with Burner

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Essential Oils have many benefits and that is why we prepare the finest quality.

In Anrh we select premium quality fully grown Flowers, Herbs, Roots to extract the pure grade  Essential oil

The Luxurious homes took a step forward and adopted the natural way.

The Room Fresheners filled with alcohol and other chemicals  - Adopt the most natural soy wax melt and it will fill your ambiance with fragrance.

We are the only Manufacturers of Botanical Candles in India. We prepare the finest quality tealights with pure and clean essential oils and burning oils.

Every tealight is filled with herbs or either flower to increase the luxurious look and benefits.

Contact us to know the festival season discounts on Bulk buying and add something new in your product list without much hassle. Free Delivery available 

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Premium Essential Oil Collection

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ANRH GROUP prefer quality, we always work with high-quality raw materials to produce the industry best product for you.

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FRENCH LAVENDER SOY WAX SACHET - The fragrance sachet filled with Lavender

Lavender’s powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, calming, and anti-depressive properties have been used therapeutically for many centuries and lavender Fragrance mostly used in Aromatherapy. Pure lavender fragrance is difficult to extract because of the complexities involved in it. Also, the Lavender Buds plays a vital role in fragrance quality. In Anrh we maintain the quality by ensuring the high quality of buds used in manufacturing the pure grade lavender burning oil. The very same burning

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