Our Face handles so many dirt, pollution in whole day, which damages the skin cells and sometimes makes it dry, with time this dirt, dry cells, dry skin, and polluted particles get together and make our skin worst.

There are so many reasons to add Scrub in your daily routine and I will share some of them today. The #Scrub is the best way to Exfoliate the skin also remove old flakey skin and makes it soft, smooth looking skin and brighten the skin tone. If you do not Exfoliate your skin then it will become dry, dull and looks very flakey.

Some People prefer to moisturize the skin without exfoliating it, which results in clogged pores and pimples because the cream always stays on top of your skin and fills pores with the same dust and dirt particles that are available on your skin already.

#How to exfoliate the skin with a scrub

The perfect technique is to wash your face and keep it hydrated then take a spoonful of Scrub and start massaging it in a circular motion on your cheeks first with both hands and keep your movements light and soft, later scrub the other sections of your face with same circular motion. Wash it with lukewarm water only and dry your face with a towel and finally use moisturizer.

#How to identify good scrub?

It is a technical question that required a close examination because after all It is Your Skin. I have studied the products in my business and understood that every product is not for everyone.

Suppose, you are a girl and you like a perfume and it has strong and mesmerizing fragrance but it is for Male – Will you buy it for yourself?

As I have told you – Every product is not for everyone.

Now, If I recommend you scrub then it will be a scrub that have salt and sugar (both) as your skin need both and if you get Salt and Sugar Scrub in One product then It's Perfect. Otherwise take one salt scrub and one Sugar scrub and mix them to apply on face. It is required that the product should have essential oil as well in order to smooth the skin and leave silk texture on the skin. Always try to find the product without chemicals because chemicals hurt the skin in one or another way.

#Epsom Salt – It soften the rough and Dry Skin from its roots and resulted as a best raw material in Scrubs all over the world because of its Exfoliating benefits.

#Essential Oil – It is a great food for Skin as it has the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties. These Properties makes Essential Oil Quite Essential in Scrubs.

Some Products in market have Vitamin E and C available in Scrubs, which are beneficial for your skin as a natural moisturizer and protect against Sun Damage.

Vitamin's Absorb the harmful Ultra Violet Light from the sun and protect skin from tanning and Sunburn, when applied to skin its Softening properties simply Works Great.

#How often you should Exfoliate your face?

I Recommend you to use the Scrub at least 3 times in a week but Do not use it on a daily basis, Us

The motive is to exfoliate the skin and if you will do the scrub daily then it will do more harm then give any benefit.

So better set time in a week and do it 3 times only.


Clean Skin – It will Clear the Pores and Remove the possibility of Pimples from your face. The Exfoliating process takes the pollution and dust particles from the skin.

Remove Dead Cells & Dark Patches, Pimples – Our skin suffers a lot in many ways than we actually know, for instance when we use the Soap, made with chemicals or Sometimes dry air, cold weather affect our skin and create dead cells. Exfoliating the skin is the best way to remove the flakey dust and Dead Cells.

Smooth & Glowing Skin – Exfoliating process cleans the pores and leaves Soft Smooth Skin texture with shiny cheeks and nose tip. Scrub Exfoliation clean the deep Acne and remove infections too.

I hope the above details help you to find the right scrub for you in case you would like to check the Anrh Products. Please click on below links to check the Sugar and Salt Scrubs Exclusive collection

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