Gold has unique and Protective properties and removes evil from the house and ambiance. Since Primitive times Gold has been a precious Component to attract divine. 


This candle is filled with Jasmine Essential & Aroma Oil to give full benefits to the user. 

Burning a candle is a tradition in all cultures during the festive month. In Anrh we use Gold extracts with High-quality Gel and a secret note in the making of this candle. 

Piece Per Pack - 1 Jar Candle 

Burn Time - 20 Hrs 

Scented - Jasmine 

Secret Note - High Grade 



₹650.00 Regular Price
₹310.00Sale Price
  • Burn Within Sight 

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ANRH GROUP prefer quality, we always work with high-quality raw materials to produce the industry best product for you.

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