A Delightful blend of fragrances and aromas created to bring a new sense of joy in your personal space.


Designed with natural fragrance: Made from natural hand-cast soy wax which makes the Arabic Oud fragrance cleaner and long-lasting. No chemicals or dyes are added in any way.


Oud is always special in Arab countries for its rich benefits. It calms nerves and relax your mind and change the mood instantly.


HOME FRAGRANCE: Lighten this candle and it will fill your place with mesmerizing fragrance


Making: Premium-grade soy wax & Agar-wood used in the making of this candle and it is infused with natural Oud wood essential oil, Chamomile & gomphrena flowers to create a Classic Royal Fragrance.


The product is made with 100% Soy wax


Piece Per Pack – 1 Piece

Scented - Oud 

Burn Time - 20 hours  

Secret Note - Premium Grade


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