King of Essential Oils


Frankincense Essential Oil is obtained from Frankincense Resin by steam distillation method.

Frankincense was highly esteemed by ancient civilizations and used for the most sacred of practices.

It has slightly warming & balsamic aroma.

For some religions, Frankincense is correlated with one of the most prized possessions of ancient biblical times. In Anrh we value the quality and this is a premium grade essential oil.


Benefits :

Hydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Promote Peace to Mind, Body & Soul.

Increase Focus

Natural perfume

Firm Skin Tone

Silky Soft Skin


Skin Food - The components of Frankincense result in an extremely powerful aroma that can help to dispel negative feelings—like stress by applying Frankincense to the bottom of your feet. The soothing sensation and aroma will promote feelings of relaxation & a balanced mood. Add 4 - 5 Drops in face cream and massage your face & body for nourished & fresh look.


Meditation - The fragrances of Frankincense essential oil will also help bring satisfaction, peace, relaxation, and even feelings of overall wellness to your morning routine. With its strong aromatic properties, Frankincense essential oil is essential in giving a positive and focused lift to the rest of your day. Add 2 -3 drops in your moisturizer and massage it on your skin to unlock the fragrance before meditation.


Air Fresher - A Gift for those who love meditation, diffusing Frankincense essential oil early morning will aid you in focusing your intention for the day. It's so powerful that it gives peace. Add 2 - 3 drops in the warm water (ultrasonic/Tea Candle diffusion) to relieve the stress and Purify the Surrounding with the mesmerizing fragrance of Pure Grade Frankincense Essential oil.


CHAKRA - MULADHARA  (The Root Chakra)

Muladhara is the 1st chakra and influences the spine, the genital and rectal areas of the body

If not stable - Obesity/overweight, Disconnection from the physical body, Feeling unsettled, Unwarranted fear and anxiety

Activate the Root Chakra with Frankincense oil and welcome a sense of satisfaction, able to let go with ease, Abundant energy, Feeling grounded and centered


Content - Pure Grade  Frankincense Essential Oil. 

Quantity - 10 ML


1. Is Frankincense Essential oil good for oily and dry skin both?
 -  Yes, It is, and any skin type can use it. 
2. Can I Use it directly on my skin?
- It is recommended to mix a few drops in Carrier Oil (Coconut Oil) Or Body cream and then use it to unlock the benefit. 
3. Is it required to massage the skin with essential oil or rubbing one time is enough. 
- Massage is good because it will give time to skin pores to absorb the plant essential oil and it gives silk texture to the skin. 
4. Can I use it in a diffuser?
- Frankincense Essential Oil is a luxury and its plant-based oil fragrance in the ambiance will clean the air and leaves a mesmerizing fragrance. You will surely enjoy it. 
5. How Root Chakra will be activated with Essential oil?
- The fragrance itself leaves many effects on us which we do not notice normally. It is a plant essential oil and every herb or flower is related to nature and touches the very base of it. Frankincense plant elements will fill the ambiance with beautiful fragrance will Relax Body, Mind, and soul and best for meditation time. So It's better to take some cream and 2 drops of essential oil and massage the Wrist before meditation to activate the chakra and welcome abundant energy.



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