Anrh botanical lavender soy wax sachet filled with lavender and essential oil.


A Delightful blend of fragrances and aromas created to bring a new sense of joy in your personal space.


Designed with natural fragrance: Made from natural hand-cast soy wax which makes the fragrance cleaner and long-lasting. No chemicals or dyes are added in any way.


Lavender Essential Oil: Premium-grade soy wax & lavender used in the making of this sachet and it is infused with natural plant essential oil to create a high fragrance. The sachet is tied with a satin thread.



HOME FRAGRANCE: Use the scented wax sachet to refresh your home ambiance.


CLOSET & LINEN FRAGRANCE: Loop around a hanger in your closet or tuck-in a drawer and Impart a lovely fragrance to your linens or clothes.


CAR FRAGRANCE: Hang it in your precious car and its mesmerizing fragrance will fill the ambiance.


The product is made from 100% Soy wax


Lavender’s powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, calming, and anti-depressive properties have been used therapeutically for many centuries and lavender Fragrance mostly used in Aromatherapy. Pure lavender fragrance is difficult to extract because of the complexities involved in it. Also, the Lavender Buds plays a vital role in fragrance quality.


In Anrh we maintain the quality by ensuring the high quality of buds used in manufacturing the pure grade lavender burning oil. The very same burning oil is used in the making of these Wax Sachets.


WARD OFF MOTHS AND INSECTS -   Lavender Wax sachet can remove the bacteria and other flying insects from the ambiance. It is a perfect combination of beauty and the beast as it has the beautiful fragrance for you and beasty badness for insects who can't resist it and leaves the place.


Content - 1 Pack French lavender wax sachet

FRENCH LAVENDER SOY WAX SACHET - The fragrance sachet filled with Lavender

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