Geranium Essential Oil and flower is used to treat many health conditions since primitive times such as Anxiety, Depression, Infection, and Pain. It has antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. In Anrh we select premium quality fully grown flowers to extract the essential oil.



Wrinkle Fighter

Firm Skin Tone

Strengthen hairs & roots

Control Ageing

Soothe Menstruation and Menopause

Reduce Blood Pressure

Boost Immunity

Clear Skin

Deodorant & Natural perfume

Insect Repellant & Bug Bite Healer


Say No to Ageing - Geranium Essential oil is a premium and most luxurious in the Essential Oil family as this powerful oil balance the sebum production and tighten the skin. It is best to know to reduce the presence of premature ageing which comes with day-to-day stress.

We recommend adding 4-5 drops of geranium oil to your face cream to see the difference and feel the clear skin.


Muscle Toner - Geranium essential oil is an astringent and it helps contract and tighten the muscle. Spread 3 drops of geranium essential oil in a circular direction over your abdominal region to instantly tone your stomach and then start excising to obtain maximum benefit.


Strengthen the Hair & Roots - Geranium essential oil is a powerful oil as it can balance the sebum secretion in the scalp and stimulates its follicles, leaving hair feeling and looking softer and more lustrous.

Spread 4 drops of geranium essential oil on your palm and massage the scalp for 10 min before rinsing it. This oil will fill the new life in your hairs.


Mesmerizing & Strong Air Freshener -Add 2 - 3 drops in the warm water (ultrasonic/Tea Candle diffusion) to relive the stress and Purify the Surrounding with the Beautiful fragrance of Pure Grade Geranium Essential oil.


CHAKRA - MULADHARA (The Root Chakra)

Muladhara is the 1st chakra and influences the spine, the genital and rectal areas of the body

If not stable - Obesity/overweight, Disconnection from the physical body, Feeling unsettled, Unwarranted fear and anxiety

Activate the Root Chakra with Geranium Oil and welcome a sense of satisfaction, able to let go with ease, Abundant energy, Feeling grounded and centred.


Quantity - 10 ML 

Content - Pure Grade Geranium Essential Oil


1. Is Geranium Essential oil good for oily and dry skin both?
 -  Yes, It is, and any skin type can use it. 
2. Can I Use it directly on my skin?
- It is recommended to mix a few drops in Carrier Oil (Coconut Oil) Or Body cream and then use it to unlock the benefit. 
3. Is it required to massage the skin with essential oil or rubbing one time is enough. 
- Massage is good because it will give time to skin pores to absorb the plant essential oil and it gives silk texture to the skin. 
4. Can I use it in a diffuser?
- Geranium Essential Oil is a luxury and its plant based oil fragrance in the ambiance will clean the air and leaves a mesmerizing fragrance. You will surely enjoy it. 
5. How Root Chakra will be activated with Essential oil?
- The fragrance itself leaves many effects on us which we do not notice normally. It is a plant essential oil and every herb or flower is related to nature and touches the very base of it. Geranium plant elements will fill the ambience with beautiful floral fragrance will, Relax Body, Mind, and soul and best for meditation time. So It's better to take some cream and 2 drops of essential oil and massage the Wrist before meditation to activate the chakra and welcome abundant energy.



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