A Delightful blend of fragrances and aromas created to bring a new sense of joy in your personal space.


Designed with natural fragrance: Made from natural hand-cast soy wax which makes the fragrance cleaner and long-lasting. No chemicals or dyes are added in any way.


Jasmine Essential Oil: Premium-grade soy wax & Jasmine flowers used in the making of this sachet and it is infused with natural plant essential oil to create a high fragrance. The sachet is tied with a satin thread


HOME FRAGRANCE: Use the scented wax sachet to refresh your home ambiance.


CLOSET & LINEN FRAGRANCE: Loop around a hanger in your closet or tuck-in a drawer and Impart a lovely fragrance to your linens or clothes.


CAR FRAGRANCE: Hang it in your precious car and its mesmerizing fragrance will fill the ambiance. The product is made from 100% Soy wax. 



JASMINE SOY WAX SACHET - The fragrance sachet filled with Jasmine Essential Oil

SKU: JWS2564
₹650.00 Regular Price
₹435.00Sale Price

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