Jasmine Tealights - Jasmine is an expensive flower and the oil extraction process required close examination in jasmine as it is important to get the pure fragrance and no residue during the process. These fragrance tealights are not much available in the market and certainly not with pure extracts. 


The fragrance filled tealights mean the user is burning the tealight made of wax and oil and it is important that the oil should be pure and wax should be without chemicals (Soy wax) to get any benefit out of it. 


Jasmine Benefits:

It is proven that Jasmine fragrance reduces depressive symptoms. Its fragrance is made with high-quality jasmine buds and flowers to extract the purest extracts. House of Anrh prepares the product with fine oils because we value nature.


The Quality: Anrh has designed the beautiful Jasmine Tealights filled with Rosemary. The Floral Fragrance fills your place with an aroma. These tealights are made with premium Soy wax and Essential oil of Double Jasmine.


Every Tealight is filled with an equal amount of Jasmine essential oil and herbs. 


Content - 50 Pieces Jasmine Tealights Per Pack

JASMINE SOY WAX TEALIGHTS - 50 Pieces (Jasmine Essential oil and Rosemary herb)

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