Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Juniper Berry Essential Oil has a Crisp, Woody, and Earthly Fragrance.

There are 60 Different Species of Juniper Berry and we selected the Premium Quality berry to product the Essential Oil to Provide Maximum benefits to your Skin.



Increase Creativity

Cleaning The Indoor Infections

Clear skin

Treat Insomnia

Natural skin toner

Calms Mind & Body

Incredible for diffuser

Remove Stress & Anxiety

Purifies & Freshen

Clear Skin Complexion


Skin Complexion - Juniper Berry Essential Oil can promote a clear and healthy complexion.

Moisturizer - Apply one drop of Juniper Oil with Moisturizer on your skin to get the refreshing Look on your skin.

Rejuvenating Face mask - Add 2 Drops of Juniper oil in Bentonite clay and make an effective mask to get natural & Clear Skin.


Relaxation & Mental Peace - Juniper Berry Essential Oil makes the massage oil effective because it contains topical cleansing benefits that will help to cleanse the skin. The Fragrance of this oil gives a grounding effect to the user which is essential for any massage and to relax the muscles.



Juniper Berry has a strong Fragrance which can fill your ambience with a refreshing scent. Add 2 - 3 drops in the warm water (ultrasonic/Tea Candle diffusion) to relive the stress and Purify the Surrounding with the mesmerizing fragrance of Pure Grade Juniper berry Essential oil. It will give calming and uplifting effect.


Chakra - Sahasrara (The Crown Chakra) 

Crown Chakra is the 7th and Supreme chakra.

Add 2 Drops of Anrh Juniper Berry Essential Oil on your wrist and Massage your nerves with it to Activate the Crown Chakra and welcome universal consciousness, enlightenment, wisdom, unity, and self-knowledge


Quantity - 10 ML

Content - Pure grade Juniper Berry Essential Oil 


1. Is Juniper Berry Essential oil good for oily and dry skin both?
 -  Yes, It is, and any skin type can use it. 
2. Can I Use it directly on my skin?
- It is recommended to mix a few drops in Carrier Oil (Coconut Oil) Or Body cream and then use it to unlock the benefit. 
3. Is it required to massage the skin with essential oil or rubbing one time is enough. 
- Massage is good because it will give time to skin pores to absorb the plant essential oil and it gives silk texture to the skin. 
4. Can I use it in a diffuser?
- Juniper Berry Essential Oil is a luxury and its plant based oil fragrance in the ambiance will clean the air and leaves a mesmerizing fragrance. You will surely enjoy it. 
5. How Crown Chakra will be activated with Essential oil?
- The fragrance itself leaves many effects on us which we do not notice normally. It is a plant essential oil and every herb or flower is related to nature and touches the very base of it.  Juniper Berry plant elements will fill the ambience with beautiful fragrance will Relax Body, Mind, and soul and best for meditation time. So It's better to take some cream and 2 drops of essential oil and massage the Wrist before meditation to activate the chakra and welcome universal consciousness, enlightenment and wisdom.



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