Anrh has prepared Karwa Chauth Skin Brightening to hamper and this time it has many items that will help you to get the bridal look. 


What's In the Box :

  • Rose Epsom Salt
  • Rose Hydrosol
  • Rose Facial Soap
  • Rose Steam Facial Petals
  • Geranium Essential Oil
  • Radiant Serum
  • Rose Botanical Tealights - 45 Pieces


Rose Epsom Salt - Benefits : 

Detox Bath to Remove Toxins - The Minerals in the detox bath help to remove body toxins & Improve health by relieving stress.

Cleanse Deep Pores - It Exfoliates the skin if used in Circular motion on skin & Clears pores in Minutes

Volume Hair  - Combine Equal Amount of Anrh Epsom Salt and Conditioner then apply the mixture through your hair and leave them for 20 minutes then rinse. It will add volume to your hair.

Smooth Skin - Exfoliate your Skin by mixing 6 Tablespoon Epsom Salt with Shower Gel and Massage your wet Skin for 5 min only.


Rose Hydrosol: Hydrosol is a Floral Water with microscopic droplets of essential oils extracted directly from the Flower and its Roots. In Anrh we select the Premium Grade Roses to extract every drop to obtain High-Quality Product. Rose plant has many healing benefits and some of them are Reduce Skin Redness, Relieves headache, Release Stress, and Anxiety, and heal Skin Irritation. It contains antioxidants that help Tighten Skin Pores and give glowing Younger-Looking Skin.

USES - Hair Mist, Body mist, Toner,

Makeup settler - Beneficial to look makeup look, Wipe your face in the night before bed & get soft skin in the morning.


Rose Facial Soap - Anrh Soap is made of pure Rose essential oil, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins & nutrients that are required for a Healthy Skin. This soap is better than the one available in the market made of a concoction of synthetic chemicals and detergents. After using Anrh soap we assure you that you know the difference with its rich ingredients and you will feel the soft creamy texture on the skin.


It will not dry your skin like commercial soaps. It is good for those who want to lighten the skin tone. The blend of vitamins and essential oil will glow the skin tone and help it to rejuvenate.


Rose Steam Facial Petals - Dried Rose Botanicals + Herbs release cleansing and healing properties on contact with the hot water. Steam helps to open pores and remove toxins from the skin. Add hot water to this blend, it will release its healing properties, open the pores, and allow these benefits to be absorbed by the skin perfectly.

Cleanse face thoroughly, removing all makeup. Pour boiling water into a large bowl and add 1-2 tablespoons of our Anrh Botanical Facial Steam.

Cover head with a towel and steam face over the bowl for 10-15 minutes inhaling the calming natural aromas, until the water has cooled.

Take care not to scald the skin. Keep the Floral Facial water and use it in the bath, as a tonic on the skin.


Geranium Essential Oil - Anrh Geranium Essential Oil - It is extracted from High-Quality Geranium buds and flowers, Specifically to get the Purest and Natural form of Geranium Essential Oil.

It has a Beautiful Floral Fragrance which is Highly Romantic and has the power to create a sense of well being & Self-confidence is Prefect for Dry & Aging Skin as it removes the scars and gives the smooth texture to the skin reduce Dark Circle, Wrinkles, and Spots, Smooth Skin, Radiant GlowAncient Remedy for Headache & Muscle Pain, Strengthen the Hairs & Roots, Silky Hair Texture.


Radiant Aleo Gel with Silver Extracts - Cover your face or Body with the Aleo Gel and let it dry for 20 minutes then wash it with cold water.

We have Enriched Aleo Gel with Silver Extracts which will provide for Antibacterial & Antifungal Properties, It helps fight for various skin Infections and Treats ache. Important nutrients assist in healthy nutrients of Skin Cells. It heals Sun Burns, Wounds, and Rashes. Silver Kills bacteria and Essential Oil Gives radiant Skin tone to your face. Its Vitamin Blend will lighten the skin tone. Direction - 3 Times a week for Radiant Skin.


Rose Tealights - 100% Pure Soy Wax Tealight Candle. Roses have the potential to relieve Stress, Fight Anxiety, and Relaxes your body and mind. when the air filled with rose and oils moves in your lungs, it will regenerate the Skin while comforting the Mind.


It will slowly relax your muscles with its beautiful Fragrance. We are the only company in this business making Rose essential and Aroma Tealights with Secret ingredients to provide full benefits to the user.

Scented - Rose

Burn Time - 3 hours.

Tealight Candle - 50 Pieces


Decorate your Home this Festival with Roses 

                                                                                    By Anrh 


KARWA CHAUTH Skin Brightening Hamper - Anrh

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