Hydrosol is a Floral Water with microscopic droplets of essential oils extracted directly from Flower and its Roots. 

Lavender Plant has 45 Different species and In Anrh we selected the Premium Grade Lavender Buds to extract every drop to obtain High-Quality Product. This Hydrosol has antibacterial and Antiseptic Properties which will Cleanse your Face and give a youthful appearance. It is excellent in controlling Pimple growth. Lavender is a Therapeutic Plant extract that can add baby softness to your skin. 

It is also beneficial to spray at night to get relaxation and good night sleep.

Gentle enough to use with children.

USES - Hair Mist

            Body mist


            Makeup settler - Beneficial to look makeup look 

Directions - Use it Daily 

Plant - Lavender (Lavendula)

Method - Steam Distillation

Pack Per Piece - 1 Bottle ( 110 Grams - 3.72 Oz)


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  • Only for External use