A Delightful blend of fragrances and aromas created to bring a new sense of joy in your personal space.


Designed with natural fragrance: Made from natural hand-cast soy wax which makes the fragrance cleaner and long-lasting. No chemicals or dyes are added in any way.


Sandalwood Essential Oil: Premium-grade soy wax & Sandalwood powder used in the making of this sachet and it is infused with natural plant essential oil to create a high fragrance. The sachet is tied with a satin thread



  • HOME FRAGRANCE: Use the scented wax sachet to refresh your home ambiance.
  • CLOSET & LINEN FRAGRANCE :Loop around a hanger in your closet or tuck-in a drawer and Impart a lovely fragrance to your linens or clothes.
  • CAR FRAGRANCE : Hang it in the your precious car and its mesmerizing fragrance will fill the ambiance.
  • OIL : Sandalwood oil used as a natural perfume for ages as its fragrance has the power to calm the mind and gives relaxation to the nerves. This sachet will not only fill fragrance in your room but in clothes as well if you hang it in closet.
  • MEDITATION : Hang this beauty near your meditation room to absorb the Earth elemental fragrance while meditating.


The product is made from 100% Soy wax

SANDALWOOD SOY WAX SACHET - The fragrance sachet filled with Herbs & Botanicals

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