Strawberry is one of our signature fragrance. Anrh Exclusively Designed it for Wax melt Production. It is so beautiful and the natural essence is full of life and has the power to create a forest fragrance in the ambiance.

Strawberry Fragrance should not be underestimated because It can boost our emotions, Aromatherapy, and mental well-being by changing our mood and turn on the joy feeling. 

It is highly recommended for Romantic moments because of its wonderful fragrance &  power to create a good time.  

Burn 1 Piece of Strawberry wax melt in the burner and prepare your home for guests this festival season because fragrance matters a lot and Room fresheners cannot complete with this powerful melt.

Anrh presents Strawberry wax melts. Bring nature to your home.


Content - Strawberry Wax Melts - 14 Pieces

STRAWBERRY SOY WAX MELTS (Anrh Strawberry Fragrance Melts for Home)

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